HD 800. An amplifier to be appreciated by all.

Published 28/04/2014 by in Últimas Notícias

The arrival of the new HD line model provides satisfaction to Taramp's admirers auto sound.

The launch of Taramp's comes down to a sophisticated amplifier with modern design, able to run a complete sound system with top quality sound and high definition, giving the user the perception of minute details present in the music.
The HD 800 has 1 crossover that provides the freedom to work independently adjustments High Pass (HPF) ranging from 10 to 50 Hz and low pass (LPF) with a range of 50 Hz to 22 KHz, providing more quality acute and high frequencies, and keeps the Bass Boost function, highlighting the frequency of sub woofer from 0-10 dB at 50 KHz.
The new  Taramp's amplifier model  can be found in versions 1 ohm and 2 ohms, both with 1 channel LED monitor with clip indicators and distortion, and security systems that act as output protection (short) and low and high tension.
Using digital technology (Class D) and all the features of the HD line, while running the sound system, the HD 800 model demonstrates its efficiency with less heat, taking much of the energy to achieve superior sonic performance.
The novelty of Taramp's comes to add to the highlight line of the company and offer to the market  innovation and to the car audio admirers high definition technology.