HD 400.4S is synonymous of high performance.

Published 28/04/2014 by in Últimas Notícias

New amplifier keeps the temperature stabilized without losing the sound power.

Sophisticated and compact  the new Taramps HD 400.4S has an innovative look and unique technology to deliver maximum quality and reproduce efficiently the entire sound system.
The HD 400.4S features 4 channels that enable  3 settings of high performance, that are  4 individual Channels  (4 x 100 W RMS - 2 OHMS); 3  Channel Stereo / Mono (2 x 100 W RMS - 2 ohms and 1 x 200 W RMS - 4 OHMS (Bridge)) and 2 Stereo Channels (2 x 200 W RMS - 4 OHMS (Bridge)).
Apart from sound quality, the other major highlight of the new Taramp´s amplifieris it´s cooling system that eliminates the need for forced cooling excluding the presence of a cooler next to the components of the amplifier without degrading the performance.