Taramp's makes the party at "Challenge of the States", that happened in november 16 and 17 at the Rio Grande farm the metropolitan area of Curitiba, Paraná state.

Published 29/11/2013 by in Últimas Notícias

Inthe 15 sessions of the splits from the event, divided into 2 categories, 13 were won by competitors with Taramp's amplifiers.

In another big event The States Challenge - DDE, the Taramps achieved a high rate of utilization by its competitors in the categories of Racha de som and Racha with RTA in music.
In the first session of Rachas there were 8 subcategories: 4 Speakers, 8 Speakers Van, 8 Speakers Pick-up, 12 speakers Van, 12 Speakers Pick-up, 12 speakers Free, 20 speakers Van and Free Force  in which Taramp's was champion at all.
In the category Racha with RTA in music  with 7 subcategories, were 5 pluses: 4 Street Speakers, 4 Speakers Free, 12 speakers free, 20 speakers free and Free Force.
With this performance, again Taramp's strengthened his name and said the quality and performance of its products, staying with one of the leading companies in the amplifiers and products developed for automotive sound systems sector.