Taramp's car alarms.

Published 25/10/2013 by Taramp's in Últimas Notícias

Taramp's acquires alarms division from ECP.

Taramp's leader in amplifiers segment announced in the beginning of September, the acquisition of embedded technology division specializes in automotive alarm company ECP.
The new line of alarms and glass lifters directed to automotive safety  was the result of a long market study. Every line acquired undergo a restructuring through studies conducted by the engineering department of the company, leaving them even more competitive in the market.
According to the Commercial Manager Carlos Alberto department is being prepared for the service as well as its network of representatives "... We want to provide the same excellent work we give our distributors with automotive amplifiers in the division of alarms and glass lifters ... ". This operation is part of the Taramps´s  strategic plan, where it was defined "as a target market," said Carlos Alberto.
The acquisition will allow Taramp's entering inone of the most dynamic markets of Brazil, also becoming, in this segment, an expert in automotive security, as it has this know-how in automotive amplifiers segment.