Taramp's achievement award Marca Brasil.

Published 11/09/2013 by in Eventos

2013 Edition.

Winners Marca Brasil award 2013 for a major business sector in Brazil, which the Taramp's won 1st place in the category of amplifiers was announced last Friday, 7.
The Marca Brasil award is in its 14th year and, being a multi sectoral awards, enables consumers in each market sector - along with readers of magazines segment - can elect their preferred brands through a democratic and clearly.
In this edition, 236  categories of 14 economic sectors were surveyed, with 169 winning companies.
According to Taramp's commercial manager, Carlos Alberto Silva, winning this award shows the seriousness and commitment of the company to each employee with their work and with the brand. "This award is for Taramp's significant brand recognition to the Brazilian market as the main segment of the amplifiers. It (the award) also conveys "a message of serious work where we base the perfection and excellence of our products, punctuates the commercial manager.
The ceremony of the Brazil Brand Award, will take place on September 17 in São Paulo.