It was with an unpretentiously form that emerged first indications pointing that the installations and assembly of the acoustic box combined with the modification of the amplifier´s power performed in a garage would be able to transform the lives of several people with the emergence of a solid company and reference in car audio market - Taramp's.

Among the services performed what stood out most was the modification of existing power amplifiers and what seemed like a simple idea of designing and developing more powerful amplifiers gave way to the beginning of the custom fabrication of amplifiers and the emergence of the first product: T 1300 classes AB with2 channels of 650 WRMS and in bridge 1300 WRMS. Then came models T -150 AB, T- 600AB, T800 among others.

In 2003 Taramps started to develop amplifiers Class D (Digital) and with the technological progress became a national reference expanding it[s amplifiers and accessories line to automotive  sound systems becoming a pioneer in the launch of models going beyond the barriers of power marketed in the epoch.

In Brazil Taramps was the first company to develop an amplifier going beyond 10.000 watts of real power with the creation of the T 10.2 with 1 channel  repeating the feat of amplifiers with power above of 14.000 and 20.000 watts with T 14.2 and T 20.2 respectively both with 1 channel.

All products developed by Taramps  show the search for new technologies inovation and market evolution. These characteristics have strengthened when the company presented to the market the High Voltage line a revolutionary system that runs the entire sound system with batteries connected in series as well as the develop of the TA and TL lines.

Recently in 2012 launched the HD line. A high definition  sound line for internal sound systems or Trio Eletrico that varies from 800 to 8000 watts of high yield innovator design and unique characteristics thus becoming exclusivity from the company  and desire of all market. Another Taramps´s highlight is HS 400.4S an amplifier with an exelent musical performance that doesn´t uses cooler with it´s components eliminating the necessity of forced cooler. 

This way alert the consolidation of the brand by high quality and efficient  products Taramp's is strengthened year after year amid a coveted market.

And by following these pathways we wish to continue growing and and contributing to the automotive sound market constantly without stop ever.